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Welcome to the NIRTweb

The Current members of NIRT are:


Prof. David Berube

Dept. of Communication, NC State University,




Prof. Vicki Colvin:

Dept. of Chemistry, Rice University,


___Prof. Dietram Scheufele

Dept. of life sciences and communication, U. of Wisconsin,


a___Prof. Kevin Elliott:

Dept. of Philosophy, U. of South Carolina,



a___Prof. Pat J. Gehrke

___Dept. of English Language & ___Literature,

___U. of South Carolina,


a___Prof. Jennifer Kuzma

Institute of Public Affairs, U. of Minnesota,



a___Prof. Robert Oldendick:

Institute for Public Affairs and Policy, U. of South Carolina,



a___Prof. Tara Sabo-Attwood

___The Arnold School of Public Health,

___U. of South Carolina,


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Nanotechnology Interdisciplinary Research Team (NIRT): Intuitive Toxicology and Public Engagement

This work is supported by grant #0809470 from the National Science Foundation, NSF 06-595

Contact Information:
Michael S. Martin
Project Support Specialist