B.A. Student Advising

Cynthia Zuckerman-Hyman, M.S.; Head of Advising

A priority of the Department of Communication at North Carolina State University is student academic success culminating in graduation. To this end, each Communication major — from the moment of matriculation — is assigned a department undergraduate advisor who will guide the student throughout his / her time in the program. The advisor will also explain department, college, and university policies and procedures along the way.

The Department encourages students to frequently consult their advisors whether by email, phone,
or in-office visits as they work towards obtaining their B.A. degree in Communication. Advisors are here
to help you meet your academic goals and make the most of your time in the program.

Students are assigned to advisors based on their academic level within the program:

     •  Freshmen           1.00 - 29.00 credit hours passed
     •  Sophomores     30.00 - 59.00 credit hours passed
     •  Juniors              60.00 - 89.00 hours credit hours passed 
     •  Seniors              90.00+ credit hours passed 

Students should contact their assigned advisor to secure permission to enroll in a restricted course. 


• Cynthia Zuckerman-Hyman, M.S.; Director of Undergraduate Advising / Senior Lecturer
   Winston Hall 207      |     cezucker@ncsu.edu    |     919.515.0947  

• James Alchediak, M.A.; Undergraduate Advisor / Senior Lecturer
   Winston Hall 101-A   |     alchedia@ncsu.edu      |     919.515.9740

• Julie Mayberry, M.A.; Undergraduate Advisor / Senior Lecturer
   Winston Hall 108      |    mayberry@ncsu.edu     |     919.515.7953

• Fredessa D. Hamilton, Ph.D.; Undergraduate Advisor / Lecturer
   Winston Hall 208      |    fdhamilt@ncsu.edu       |     919.515.9739