B.A. Honors Program

The Communication department’s Honors Program requires the completion of three academically challenging courses during a student’s undergraduate senior year. At least one of the three courses must be a 500-level (graduate) course. Other courses may include a 400-level class taken with an honors option (initiated by the student or faculty) or an Independent Study (COM 499) with an Honors option. These three courses may count toward the 36-hour Master of Science degree in Communication through the Advanced Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree Program (ABM). 

Students who satisfy all the requirements of the Honors Program will have this accomplishment noted on their transcript and be recognized at the departmental graduation ceremony (the afternoon on the day of the University-wide graduation).

In most cases, application to the Departmental Honors Program is submitted during the junior year. All eligible students will be notified and are encouraged to apply. The following criteria must be met by the time the candidate begins honors coursework:

  1. Completion of the departmental core courses;
  2. Completion of COM 110 or COM 112;
  3. Completion of an additional 9 hours of Communication courses, including a 300- or 400- level course that involves considerable writing and/or discussion of communication theory;
  4. Completion of at least 75 hours of university coursework (at least 24 at NC State);
  5. An overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.50; and  
  6. A major grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.50.

To apply for admission to the Honors Program, students must submit a copy of their transcript and a letter of intent outlining their academic goals and interest in the Honors Program. Students must also provide a letter of recommendation from either the professor who taught the 300 / 400 level course mentioned in item Number 3 above, or a tenured / tenure-line faculty member who is familiar with the individual’s academic potential.

The Communication Department Honors Program Committee reviews the applications of interested students and then makes final acceptance decisions.

Contact Communication Department with questions.