Communication Summer Camp: Sessions

Communication Summer Camp (COM Camp) introduces rising high school juniors and seniors (status as of the upcoming fall), to college-level instruction in presentational speaking, media production, and broadcast techniques. Specific student learning objectives include:

  • Organizing and delivering effective presentations as applied to news anchoring and reporting;
  • Demonstrating knowledge of basic principles of media production to include studio operation, performing, writing, and producing;
  • Basic understanding of the principles of news broadcasting in regards to story structure and elements of newscasts, and delivering "live" broadcasts in an effective manner.

Daily Activities

Sessions from Monday through Thursday will consist of specialized lectures and genre-specific small group workshop environments. This environment gives Campers an integrated, innovative, and rigorous understanding of the rapidly changing field of communication — a field now at the intellectual and economic forefront of the global information society. We spend as much time as possible in the studio working with cameras, audio boards, video switchers, and other production-related equipment. 

Career communication experts encourage and inspire students to explore their own communication skill levels while offering practical guidance to improve those skills in simulated environments.
Our instructors work one-on-one with young writers, nurturing their confidence, enthusiasm, and talent
by building on a foundation of proven techniques used in today's broadcast newsrooms.

Throughout the week, students will work on two 15-minute newscasts. The final productions will be shown to invited guests on the last day of Camp, followed by light refreshments. 

Students will not be graded on their efforts. They will be challenged during the production of the newscasts to demonstrate the well-established principles of communication they've learned, as well as express their own styles of writing, message presentation, and broadcast production.

On the final day of camp students will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the Presentation Event. Additionally,  a DVD of their newscasts will be edited and sent to each camper at the address listed on the registration form. 


We will have a 30-40 minute lunch break each day. Campers must remain in the Butler Building during Camp hours, thus, they are asked to bring their own lunch. A refrigerator is available for perishables. Beverage (soft drinks, fruit drinks, water) and snack machines are on the premises.