COM 650: Graduate Internships

Dr. Joann Keyton, Professor
Graduate Internship Coordinator

Getting real-world work experience gives you a decided edge when applying for a full-time position and often provides a great networking platform as you move forward on your career path. In NC State’s Master of Science in Communication program, we offer a way for you to put your advanced communication skills to work at a local business or organization while earning 3.00 credit hours
when you enroll in COM 650

Graduate Internship Coordinator Dr. Joann Keyton offers one-on-one consultations as well as group workshops in fall and spring. She will guide you through the process of finding an internship, negotiating your salary, as well as providing tips on managing your study and internship hours — especially helpful if you’re a full-time student.

Pre-planning and credit-hour pre-approval is required, so contact Dr. Keyton several months prior to the semester in which you plan to enroll in COM 650. She will provide you with an Internship Proposal form that also must be approved by the Director of Graduate Programs. 

So get that Think-and-Do attitude in gear and consider taking on a communication-relevant, for-credit internship in the Research Triangle! 

Contact Dr. Keyton:

Internship Work Form (Word docx)