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Schedule of Required Documents List
This is the ultimate Who / What / When table of graduate form information, taking you from enrollment to graduation, with links to required forms. The Graduate Services Coordinator will complete some forms on your behalf, so please check before submitting any forms to The Graduate School on your own.

Schedule Revision
Complete this form to drop courses, or change courses to credit/audit after the deadlines have passed. Complete all applicable sections and submit these forms. Note the need the Director of Graduate Program’s signature and/or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Please see the Graduate Services Coordinator with questions. This hard-copy form is currently available at the department’s front desk but we plan to have it available online soon. 

Inter-Institutional Course Registration form
If you would like to take a course at a participating Inter-Institutional university, you must obtain appropriate signatures of approval and complete the NC State Inter-Institutional Approval Form.

M.S. in Com program-specific Forms

Independent Study: COM 630
This course may be taken twice during your time in the program, but never in the same semester. In order to take the course, you must work with your professor of choice to determine a specialized topic or project, and then complete the the COM 630 Independent Study Form (MS Word docx: 27KB). It must be approved / signed by the professor overseeing the course as well as Dr. James Kiwanuka-Tondo, Director of Graduate Programs. Once the form is approved, the advisor will contact the Graduate Services Coordinator to enroll you in COM 630 (a permission-only course – students cannot enroll themselves). 

  • COM 630 Proposal Instructions and Example (PDF document)
  • COM 630 Proposal Template (Microsoft Word Template)

    Internship: COM 650
    An internship is an agreed upon, semester-long arrangement between you and an organization to gain on-the-job experience. It can enrich your studies as you apply concepts, theories, and methods learned in the classroom. In this arena, you are also a representative of NC State University, the Department of Communication, and the master’s program. If you seek out and accept an internship, you may wish to receive credit hours. If so, you must secure permission from your advisor and then contact Graduate Internship Coordinator Dr. Joann Keyton who will email a proposal form for you to complete, and review it along with your advisor. Dr. Keyton then will authorize the Graduate Services Coordinator to enroll you in this permission-only class (students cannot enroll themselves in COM 650). *Do not assume that your internship will equate into credit hours until your advisor and Dr. Keyton sign off on your proposal. 

    Contact Dr. Keyton»

  • COM650internform .docx

    Thesis Track
    Please review our section on selecting the Thesis Track option prior to completing / submitting any related forms.