Application Materials

Once in the application system, you will be asked to complete an application form, submit your application fee, and then move on to uploading documents specific to the M.S. in Communication. Please read ALL the information and tips we’ve provided below before preparing or uploading your supporting materials.  

Résumé / Curriculum Vitae (CV)  — Include your academic and/or professional accomplishments, along with memberships and activity in scholarly or professional organizations, honors, recognitions, and job history (if applicable).

Personal Statement  — This is an opportunity to tell us about your career goals and why you would be a good fit for our program. (Please be sure to review the information on the M.S. in Communication home page and Director’s Message page to make sure you understand our program and its curriculum.) Your statement could be from three to 10 double-spaced, typed pages, depending upon the breadth of information you would like to share with the selection committee. Remember that you are one of approximately 75 applicants, and the committee will have limited time to read lengthy submissions. 

Tip: Tell us in your own words why your want to join our program and how you plan to use your master's degree. Be succinct but thorough in your statement.

Writing Samples — As a communication professional, strong writing skills are essential to your success so the Selection Committee needs to see proof of your expertise. You may submit an undergraduate thesis or other academic document. You may also offer original marketing materials, news releases, public relations campaigns, and / or any writing samples that demonstrate your ability to communicate through the written word. Whatever you submit, it should ideally be relevant to your area of study within the program. 

Tip: We recommend that you combine documents (writing samples, for example) into a single PDF.  Clearly indicate on each page your name and the content you are uploading such as "Personal Statement" along with page numbers (example: Page 1 of 5, Page 2 of 5...).  Review the upload area carefully, and plan ahead before submitting your documents. 

Three reference letters — The M.S. program and The Graduate School require a minimum of three references who can attest to your suitability for graduate-level communication studies, are knowledgeable about your academic achievements and / or have worked with you on a professional level. Your references must upload their letters themselves (we will not accept reference letters uploaded by applicants). You will see details and the means to contact your references within the application system in the Reference Letter area of the online application. Your references will also be asked to complete a character evaluation checklist within the system. The system will prompt you to enter contact information as you go along. We do not accept hard-copy letters (via post, overnight services, hand-delivered) or documents sent via e-mail. 

Tip: Contact your references as early as the preceding spring or summer about writing your recommendation letter so they can have it ready for upload in fall. You may need to select several alternate references in the event someone is unable to submit a letter for you. Remind your references often of the approaching deadline if you do not see that letters have been uploaded into your application by late fall.