Graduate Assistantships

First year, full-time students may be selected at the time of acceptance into the program for the University's Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). Candidates should enter the master's program with a 3.00 (B) or higher grade point average (GPA) and ideally have an outstanding history of academic achievements. Those chosen will be required to carry at least 9.00 credit-hours per semester, maintain a 3.00 (B) or higher GPA, and assist their graduate supervisors a maximum of 20 hours a week.​

The plan is not a loan, but provides students with:

  • Full paid tuition (in-state, $8,088.00; non-resident, $22,610.00) – costs for the 2016-17 academic year which is two regular semesters);
  • Comprehensive health insurance from Blue Cross / Blue Shield's Student Blue plan (a value of $4,212.00 over the two-year [four semester] program); and
  • A modest stipend to cover living expenses during the two-year program.

GSSP students will receive training to teach undergraduate communication classes, and during their second year, will be assigned to teach basic communication courses in the undergraduate curriculum. Others may work as research assistants, helping faculty with research papers or other professional-level projects often funded by major grants.

See the links below for more on the GSSP and other financial aid opportunities.

If you are interested in applying for an assistantship, be sure to check the appropriate “Financial Aid” option(s) on the first page of the NC State University Graduate Programs application.