A joint program between Humanities and Social Sciences and Poole College of Management.

Completing the Certificate

Students must complete the required credit hours for the Certificate Program with an overall 3.0 grade point average (GPS) in the required courses. Credit toward the certificate in a particular course will be given only if a grade of B- or better is earned in the course. All courses in the program must be taken for a letter grade. No transfer credits will be accepted in the program and it must be completed within four (4) years.

A student may obtain more than one NC State graduate certificate in distinct fields. Each certificate must have at least 9.00 credit hours that are unique to that program. This certificate requires 12.00 credit hours. Students interested in or enrolled in a professional science master’s program (PSM) should consult with the appropriate Director of Graduate Programs (DGP) as to the applicability of certificate credit hours toward the PSM degree. Students in other graduate programs should similarly discuss with their DGPs the applicability of certificate courses to their degree requirements. Speak with DGP or the Certificate Coordinator to discuss other certificate programs that align with your career goals.

Academic success in the certificate course work may have a bearing on admission to a degree program but completion of a certificate program in no way guarantees entry into a graduate degree program, which is done through a separate application process.

As noted above, a student may obtain more than one graduate certificate in distinct fields. Each certificate must have at least 9.00 credit hours unique to that program.

Course availability and schedules will be listed on NC State’s MyPack Portal. Students may also contact the certificate office for advising or course information.

Completion Process: Certificate Only Students

Steps for Certificate Completion:

1. Log in to the MyPack Portal and click on “For Students.”

2. Under Degree Programs/Graduation, click “Apply to Graduate.”

3. Select the graduate certificate program from the list.

4. Select the semester of graduation. In the Comments box list the certificate classes that you completed. Click “Continue.”

5. Double check your information and click “Submit Application.”

Completion Process: NC State Graduate Students

When students are ready to apply to Graduate from their master’s degree program, they should add in the comments box that they also meet the requirements for the Certificate in Professional Communication and Managerial Skills. The Graduate School will forward the degree audit to the student’s Director of Graduate Studies along with the Certificate Coordinator. The Certificate Coordinator will ensure that requirements for the certificate are met.

Note that students who pursue graduate certificates as additions to graduate degrees need not complete the certificate at the same time as the degree. It is possible to complete a graduate degree and finish up the certificate at a later date, provided certificate courses are taken within the four-year period.