PCOST Hiring Policy for Research Assistants

The NC State Project on Public Communication of Science and Technology is predicated upon an evidence-based approach to the study of science and technology in society, borrowing from and building upon work from the fields of sociology, psychology, and communication. Due to the technical skills required of this type of research, we have decided to require students to apply to become a graduate/doctoral research assistant within the PCOST project. The process will require applicants to provide evidence of demonstrable aptitude in collecting and analyzing data from a social scientific perspective in order to receive a research assistantship. Applications will be accepted from any enrolled graduate student across the entire NC State campus and will not be limited to any one degree program or college. PCOST will design an application process as well as an assessment procedure.

In situations where we cannot find graduate/doctoral student expertise to engage in the type of social science research funded under a grant, we will negotiate sub-awards or contracts with colleagues at other institutions. We have had a strong positive working relationship with programs at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota and will continue to use them as needed.