You’ll find rich opportunities to apply what you’re learning, to get involved, to gain new skills. Plus, we’re here to give you the support and resources you need to succeed.

An Environment for Success

Whether you begin your career as a freshman in Communication, switch majors, or transfer to NC State from another institution or community college, you’ll get hands-on experiences and the professional advising you  need in our department.

Our advisers will work closely with you to help chart your academic career. They’ll help ensure you select courses that fulfill your degree requirements, satisfy your academic curiosity, and build the foundation for a brilliant future.

We can prepare you for a successful career in public relations, social media management, journalism, broadcast communications, and so much more.

Explore the wide field of communication and choose your area of concentration. Our undergraduate majors can focus on:

  • Public Relations: Study communication theories and methods that help establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with employees, consumers, stockholders, media, and other target audiences.
    You will create news releases, digital and print public relations tools, and other forms of organizational communication, and discover best practices for social media and other new technologies. You will also develop strategic public relations campaigns for non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as intern for local businesses, non-profit organizations, public relations firms, or government agencies.
  • Communication Media: Discover into the history and theory of communication media and strategies to critically and creatively analyze media messages, practices, infrastructures, and institutions. You’ll study and produce media such as digital videos, films, and digital games while learning how these communication technologies change our relationships, working environments, and the interconnected world. And you’ll participate in rewarding internships that allow you to put this knowledge and new skills to good use. 
  • Interpersonal, Organizational and Rhetorical Communication: Learn theories about human communication processes and problems within interpersonal relationships, organizations, groups and teams, and public and political interactions. As you begin to understand how communication influences close relationships, families, co-workers, and employees, you’ll develop important argumentation and conflict management skills for personal and public environments. 

    Bachelor of Arts degree program

Dive deeper with a graduate degree

If, by the time you reach your senior year, you find we’ve sparked your imagination for further study, or you’ve discovered you’d like to teach college-level classes, you’re encouraged to apply to our Master of Science program. This 36-credit-hour program allows you to hone specific interests in the communication field and develop a thesis project that can open the door to doctoral studies.

Many applicants are selected to become Graduate Teaching Assistants and learn college teaching skills and practices from pedagogy experts such as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (Humanities and Social Sciences), Dr. Deanna P. Dannels (she wrote the Teaching College Communication course textbook that’s also used in colleges and universities around the world). Or, you might team up with a faculty member on a funded research project as a Research Assistant and see your work published in a peer-review journal.  

The program welcomes full- and part-time students — fresh from their undergraduate program or work-place professionals — and can be completed in two to six years. 

Master of Science in Communication program

Scholarship Options

The Department of Communication makes a number of scholarships available to communication students. Some are merit-based; others are for those with financial challenges. We want you to have a rich, full experience that includes study abroad, internships and other opportunities. Scholarships can help pave the way.

Department Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences also offers need-based and merit scholarships for students at varying stages of their academic careers. Incoming freshmen, for example, should check out the Dean’s Scholar Award that’s reserved for high-achieving incoming freshmen in any of our college’s disciplines.

College Scholarship Opportunities

NC State awards several university-wide merit scholarships to students, including the prestigious Park Scholarship, a four-year scholarship for students who demonstrate a high potential in scholarship, leadership, service and character, and the Caldwell Fellowship, a three-year scholarship awarded during a student’s freshman year. 

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid assists students and parents in applying for and securing financial assistance when family resources are insufficient to meet educational expenses.

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Go Beyond the Classroom

As a communication student, you will have plenty of opportunities to get into the field and apply what you’re learning in the classroom.

Participate in undergraduate research, and in the process, contribute to new knowledge and new understandings.

Spend a semester — or more, or less — studying abroad. We’ll help you get there, and make sure you can stay on track with your graduation requirements.

Land an internship that will inform your career choices … and position you for post-graduate opportunities. 

Exciting hands-on experiences might include creating videos or conducting surveys. Or you might work on the department’s alumni newsletter under the tutelage of Prof. Bob Larson, a well-loved faculty member.

The stories below were written by students in Larson’s newsletter-writing class who went outside the classroom to track down and write up features on alumni, faculty, and fellow students.

My advice to students? Have an open mind. Experiment with new things. This is the one time in your life where you will have such a wealth of resources at your disposal.

Cody Davidson (Communication)
May 2015 College Student of the Month