Dr. Elizabeth Craig, Associate Professor
 Director of Graduate Programs


 β€œThe one person that has much less than you may be the only one to take you across River Mayanja. "Gwosusa emwanyi omusanga ku Mayanja nga awungula". (Luganda saying).

                                  ---- Dr. James Kiwanuka-Tondo

This intensive, 36.00 credit-hour graduate program prepares students to address complex communication issues from a strong, theoretically grounded, and methodologically driven perspective. Providing a foundation of communication theory and mixed methodological training, the program allows students to specialize in various subfields such as public relations, organizational communication, interpersonal communication, cultural studies, mediated communication, and digital media. 

Full- and part-time students are equally welcome to apply. Graduate Assistantships under the Graduate Student Support Plan are available for full-time students only. 

Our students come to us with varied goals and leave us to further those goals in diverse contexts β€”
non-profit agencies, public relations firms, training and development organizations, and governmental agencies, to name a few.  Many become college instructors and lecturers in Communication, or continue their educations in doctoral programs.

Additionally, our program provides opportunities to become involved with a variety of education experiences outside of the traditional classroom that including study abroad, internships (work that may apply to your credit-hour requirements via course COM 650), and certificate programs. Our program prides itself in providing foundational educational experiences that can benefit many career goals and we have been successful in placing students in highly competitive organizations and Ph.D. programs after graduation. 

We focus not only on the intellectual development of graduate students, but also on the full graduate student experience. M.S. in Communication Ambassadors (volunteers from our student body who have been in the program one year or more) host a number of events to assist students in managing the daily grind of graduate school, providing a support system for students who join us, and providing a ready-made web of connections with other graduate students and alumni. 

We are excited you are interested in our program and encourage you to learn more.