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A Coastal Conversation: North Carolina’s Rising Sea Level Problem

North Carolina State University will host “A Coastal Conversation: North Carolina’s Rising Sea Problem” 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5 at the Hunt Library Auditorium on Centennial Campus. The event will feature the new documentary film, Shored Up, followed by a discussion with experts in coastal engineering and science communication.

Sea level rise and coastal management is a sensitive issue in North Carolina because it affects people’s lives and pocketbooks in so many ways. This is a very complex issue which requires diplomacy and respect across a wide range of competing interests. “A Coastal Conversation” is one way to help moderate this important discussion with a goal to help North Carolinians address the problem of an encroaching sea.

Speakers include:

  • Ben Kalina, Director/Producer of the film, Shored Up.
  • Cliff Ogburn, Municipal Manager.  Nag’s Head, NC
  • Andy Binder, Asst. Professor.  Department of Communication, NC State
  • David Kroll, Adjunct Professor of Science Journalism.  NC State
  • Stanley Riggs, Author of The Battle for North Carolina’s Coast.

This inaugural event is co-sponsored by NC State’s Collaborative on Science and Society and the Climate Change & Society Professional Science Master’s program.  Additional co-sponsors include the South East Climate Science Center and the Poole College of Management’s Sustainability Initiative at NC State.