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An NC State Department of Communication Research Event

The department is proud to announce a Tune-Up Research Symposium.

What: Department of Communication Research Symposium. Presentations of research that have been submitted for presentation at various communication conventions.

When: Next Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 from 11 a.m. to noon.

Where: Caldwell Hall, Room M-8 (conference room).


  • “Invitational Rhetoric and Facebook Fights: An Opportunity to Begin Peacemaking,” Claire Carrington, North Carolina State University
  • “Men’s Perceptions of Interactions Between Men and Women in Public Spaces,” Blythe E. Tyrone, North Carolina State University
  • “Tinder: One Giant Game Metaphor.” Mally Dietrich, Meredith Foulke, Abbey Schneider, Kayla Pack Watson, North Carolina State University

Following the traditional NCA model, each paper will get 12-15 minutes of presentation time with an additional 5-7 minutes for questions. Please join us in this valuable experience.