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Fall 2017 Commencement Student Speaker

Alicia Ferreira has been chosen to be the Fall 2017 Commencement Student Speaker.  Graduating this fall, Alicia focus is on Interpersonal, Organizational and Rhetorical Communication.  While at NC State, Alicia has conducted undergraduate research focusing on performing a content analysis of Twitter feed responses on sexism in the workplace.  As well as designed, and presented a content analysis on the sexualization of women in movie posters through the 80’s, 90’s and 200’s. 

Alicia would like to focus on Public Speaking as a career upon graduation and had this to say about her experiences at NC State and Department of Communication:

“There have been very few moments in my life as special to me as the applause I received after delivering my speech at Wolfpack Speaks. Being announced one of the winners was just a bonus. I would love to express my passion for Communication and what this education has done for not only me, but my entire class. It’s an achievement to be a thriving member of the Wolfpack, but the personal growth we experience to become communication experts is unlike any other. I feel my involvements with the department give my testimony the value needed to present the success and immeasurable potential of the Class of December 2017.”