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My NC State Story: Lauren Pressley (Communication ’02; Philosophy ’03)

My background in the social sciences and the humanities gave me an appreciation for nuance, logic and the complex systems of knowledge production in which all disciplines engage. My studies also gave me opportunities to learn about research and gain skills in navigating our increasingly complex information environment.

After I graduated from NC State, I worked in an academic library, earning a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies, and went on to work at two other academic institutions. I am currently an associate dean for the University of Washington Libraries and the director of the UW Tacoma Library. This year, I am serving as president of the Association of College and Research Libraries.

I regularly think about the professors I studied with at NC State, the thoughtful assignments we were given, and the gentle nudges to make use of the library — and I am thankful for both the content that I learned and the direction that my degrees sent me in. Thank you, College of Humanities and Social Sciences!

Lauren Pressley is associate dean and director of the University of Washington Tacoma Library.  

This post was originally published in College of Humanities and Social Sciences.