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Nov 16, 2011

Paying it Forward

Christina LaCanfora (Comm and Sociology '07) was so grateful for the scholarship support she received from the Department of Communication that she’s replenished the fund twice. “It feels fantastic to know that you are making it a little easier for a student to finish a degree by reducing the stress of money,” says LaCanfora, 25. She received the Nancy and Melinda Snow Scholarship and has since donated to the scholarship, with her employer, ExxonMobil, matching her donation three to one. 

Nov 8, 2011

Chancellor Woodson Visits CHASS

CHASS welcomed NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson for a visit to the college on October 31.  Chancellor Woodson started his afternoon with a lunch with CHASS students. He listened to their concerns about tuition increases, curricular adjustments, and other pressing issues, and shared his perspectives with the students. Then, after a session with college administrators, the… 

Aug 22, 2011

CHASS welcomes new tenure-track faculty

A warm welcome to these new tenure-track faculty members who are joining NC State’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Diana Arbaiza Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Diana Arbaiza joins the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures as Assistant Professor in Peninsular Spanish Cultural Studies. Arbaiza’s research and teaching interests focus on Transatlanticism in the… 

Jul 12, 2011

Alum’s Tea Party Research Featured in New York Times

John Coggin (Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies‘09) recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Theological Studies in Religion, Ethics, and Politics. While at Harvard, Coggin co-authored a paper that has become the subject of a New York Times piece, The Tea Party vs. The Freeloader. The paper Coggin co-authored, “The Tea Party and the… 

Jul 7, 2011

Bigger Than Football: Study Shows Sports Can Help Communities Recover From Disaster

Research from NC State’s Department of Communication shows that organized sports can be a powerful tool for helping to rebuild communities in the wake of disasters. The research focused specifically on the role of professional football in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. “Sports, and by extension sports media, can be a powerful force for good. It… 

Jun 16, 2011

Doc Hendley: Humble Hero

In 2009, CNN named Doc Hendley (Communication ’04) one of its top ten heroes of the year for his work to bring clean water to some of the world’s poorest areas. Since he was in the nation’s spotlight, Doc has continued to carry out his mission. Wine to Water, the nonprofit he created, is now… 

Jun 10, 2011

CHASS Alumni — Doc Hendley

As founder of Wine to Water, an international aid organization that provides clean drinking water in impoverished countries, Doc Hendley (Communication, ’04) has used his understanding of communication theory to build trust with tribal authorities and governmental leaders. Hendley was named as one of CNN’s Top Ten Heroes of the Year. Video produced by Jim… 

Jun 9, 2011

Safer Sex: Study Examines Sexual Communication In Transgender Community

For Immediate Release Matt Shipman | NC State News Services | 919.515.6386 Dr. Kami Kosenko | 919.513.1477 Release Date: 06.02.2011 A new study from NC State University’s Department of Communication shows that talking about safer sex is a complicated process for individuals in the transgender community. The finding may help efforts to promote safer sex practices in… 

May 20, 2011

Perceived Media Bias Can Lead To Political Action

Politicians should be careful when they rail against mainstream news media. A study from NC State’s Department of Communication shows that perceived bias of media outlets can lead to increased political engagement – but only on specific issues. When there is a general perception of bias in the news media, it actually results in increased apathy… 

Apr 14, 2011

Study Finds Public Relatively Unconcerned About Nanotechnology Risks

A new study by faculty in NC State’s Department of Communication finds that the general public thinks getting a suntan poses a greater public health risk than nanotechnology or other nanoparticle applications. The study compared survey respondents’ perceived risk of nanoparticles with 23 other public-health risks. The study is the first to compare the public’s perception…